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Our Services

Clothing Alterations, Mending and Tailoring

Don’t toss your questionably fitting clothes — let us get them just right for you! At Martinizing Dry cleaning, our on-staff Tailors have experience with everything from button replacement to wedding dress alterations. All fabrics, all alterations: we can handle them! Even children’s clothing is welcome.

Comforters, Bedspreads, Blankets and Sleeping Bags.

Whether you want to freshen up a down comforter that’s been in the attic for months or clean an heirloom quilt made by your grandmother, we can help. At Martinizing Dry Cleaning, we are experts at comforter dry cleaning and laundry, sleeping bag dry cleaning and laundry and dry cleaning for all dry cleaning and laundry blankets, throws and bedding.

Couture Cleaning

For those certain pieces designed (and priced) to stand out, don’t leave their care to just anyone — let our professionals clean your wardrobe’s most expensive pieces! Our couture dry cleaning services are designed to prolong the life of expensive garments, from Armani suits to Versace dresses and Dolce & Gabbana jeans.

For your convenience, we also offer couture clothing alterations to ensure your investment pieces not only look good, but fit perfectly.

Fine Washables Professionally Cleaned

From delicate blouses and woven sweaters to your child’s favorite bedtime stuffed animal, MartinizingDry Cleaning and our propriety dry cleaning and laundry is the right choice for all of your fine washables. We use the highest quality products and always take the time to treat your finest possessions as if they were our own.

Drapery Cleaning

Over time, your drapes, curtains and other window treatments collect a huge amount of dust, dirt and allergens, which can affect the quality of your air and even the health of your family, fortunately dry cleaning and laundry can completely cure this. You can maintain a healthy home by having MartinizingDry Cleaning take care of all your drapery and curtain dry cleaning and laundry needs at MartinizingDry Cleaning!

Fluff & Fold, Wash and Fold Laundry Service

Short on time? Washer and dryer broken? Just plain hate doing laundry? Let us do it for you! For years, our professional dry cleaning and laundry services have been helping Alameda, Piedmont, Alamo, Danville, San Ramon and Danville businesses, busy professionals and families claim more time to themselves by taking care of their dry cleaning and laundry for them.

Tablecloths and Bedding Dry Cleaning and laundry

The only thing better than climbing into bed after a long, hard day is climbing into sheets and bedding that have just been professional washed and laundered by the Martinizing Dry Cleaning team. You’ve never felt bedding this clean before! Our proprietary dry cleaning and laundry system will help protect and enable your linens to not only sparkle but last as long as possible.

Shirt & Golf Polo Cleaning

Look good — without lifting a finger! MartinizingDry cleaning specializes in laundering and pressing business shirts and golf polos. Same-day service is even available! Our dry cleaning professionals can customize your laundering service to suit your preferences. We can fold or hang your laundry shirts and use our proprietary cooked natural medium or heavy starch depending on your request. Dry Cleaning is often recommended on darker colored or fine finish dress shirts. Our cleaning science has proven that our dry cleaning system helps your high end dress shirts retain their color, luster and a perfect hand for an extended period of time.

Suede & Leather Cleaning

Take exceptional care of your wardrobe’s leather and suede clothing items by letting MartinizingDry Cleaning care for them! Our knowledgeable professionals will select the best cleaning method for your items, whether that’s solvent cleaning, dry cleaning, a version of laundry or wet cleaning.
QUALITY ASSURANCE: We guarantee our suede leather cleaning and tanned leather cleaning will work effectively, but we cannot guarantee the workmanship or quality of the leather tanner or manufacturer.

Dry cleaning and laundry

Time won’t wait for anything — especially your stained garments. And studies have proven that the sooner you perform dry cleaning or laundry on your stained garments by a professional dry cleaner, the more likely it is that stains can be removed.

Museum-Quality Wedding Gown Preservation and Restoration

Whether you want to restore or preserve that perfect wedding dress, the professionals at MartinizingDry Cleaning can help. Our archival dry cleaning services provide museum-quality methods that keep your dress perfect for years to come!

Our Team



Grant: His love of science and engineering keeps our cleaning science state of the art. Grant just loves what he does and works around the clock to ensure that all our machines and processes are functioning at their peak to always ensure clothes are cleaned perfectly and safely.



Keeps his vigilant eye on all our high volume production, ensuring our orders are always on time and properly cared for.


Her unmatched attention to detail assures our dress shirts are always the “perfect shirt”.


Has been inspecting your clothes and helping our clients with a great big smile for over 14 years.


Loves utilizing her skill as a trained tailor to help our clients look their best in properly fitting clothes. There is literally nothing Reiko cannot do for your garments.


Is our veteran dry cleaning operator and stain removal technician. His expert training has given him the skills needed to properly care for all our high end garments.

Bob & Grace:

Bob & Grace:

Bob & Grace: A Danville fixture, they love interacting with all our clients, making sure all of our clients receive the absolute best service and care possible. Drop by and say hi !


Loves helping people look their best by inspecting their orders and assuring their clothes always look their best.


One look at June and everyone knows she loves what she does. Her infectious smile is only surpassed by her dedication to serving our clients to the highest level on a day in day out basis.

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